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Women's Perspective on Erectile Dysfunction

Cialis About

There is no doubt that Cialis has turned to be an effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunction today. It works in the same manner as that of the most hyped drug Viagra but has got advantage over that. And here goes the unique advantage! Cialis has the potential to stay in the body system for at least 36 hours. The extended period of effectiveness has made cialis a guaranteed and safest cure for erectile dysfunction.

Cialis works by intensifying the blood flow to the penile tissues. It makes it possible to have a good and lasting erection for a great sexual intercourse. Unlike other rival drugs, cialis doesn't work just for few but 36 hours. Cialis assures the treatment of many kinds of ED in almost all possible circumstances.

Cialis comes in a range of choices and known as Cialis or tedalfil. This are made up of same chemical composition as that of the branded cialis but comparatively much cheaper than the branded one. Cialis provides a great stimulation of nerves between brain and penis to result into a good flow of flood, increased stamina and great performance at love.

Recently, good news hit the market that cialis can treat erectile dysfunction even in people who are suffering from prostate cancer. As soon as you start your treatment for ED with cialis, you will start feeling the effect considerably. There are no special conditions for taking cialis as it can be taken empty as well as full stomach. In both cases, you are going to get the equal effect of this wonder drug. Only thing that is required is not to feel shy of this disorder and get a will to root it out at the earliest.

Cialis has discarded the myths of sex pills by showing reliable, safe, quick and lasting effects, So who is stopping you to go ahead to treat your ED and get cialis. Don't delay any more and talk to your doctor after discussing with your partner. You should not compromise with this image killing disorder and spoil the whole life. Just hold on the situation here only and get treated right now! To bottle up your doubts, FDA has approved cialis for successful treatment of ED with complete safety. Moreover, it is easily available at licensed online pharmacies. So, leaving ED guilt behind, just get back to your love life with new great enthusiasm and stamina.

Cialis at a glance:

Cialis should not be taken by people with
  • Renal problems
  • Hepatic Impairment
Possible side effects
  • Back Pain
  • Abnormal vision
  • Abnormal Liver
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Sweating
Drug Interactions
  • Alpha blockers
  • Hyper sensitive drugs like, Amlodipine, Metroprolol, Enalapril
  • Aspirin
  • Cytochrome 450 inducers and inhibitors
  • Alcohol
Should not be used by women
Cialis should be kept away from children

Weight Loss
Hair Loss
sleep Problems
Quit Smoking
Viagra Levitra Cialis and Your Relationship